Friday, May 11, 2012

Your Ready to Buy the Perfect Ring, But what Steps to Take??

Okay people, this blog is to help and encourage your journey to finding your loved one the perfect "Rock."  When it comes to a person, many know exactly what they want and like when it comes to wedding bands.  Pleasing them with a ring can be many things like exciting, scary, nerve racking, emotional, and so much more.  All have preferences about the shape, band, gold or silver, size, and shine. So how will you know how to purchase the right one?  Well its almost like how you chose your partner.  Think of when you first met that person and how they made you feel.   As most of you will think that when you first met this person they are a one of a kind, someone you can just stare at all the time and be so thankful that you found him or her.  This is just like the ring, you will know when you see it, the ring is something that will stand out and shine like no other.
Some tips you can follow are
1.) Check their jewelry out when they aren't around, see what they has most of regarding shapes and stones.
2.) Don't be afraid to walk into a jewelry store and ask questions, they are there to help, utilize it.
3.) Listen to your partner when they mention their favorites and what they like.
4.) Ask friends or family for help, they are your other best source to finding the right one.
5.) Make sure you know the ring size without making it obvious if your are planning it to be a surprise.

You will want to give them something that comes from your heart and that shows their personality.  Having a certain symbol for your love is all what you put into your creative thought for your band. Here are a few examples of a perfect ring.

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