Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Ohhhhhhh....Where to start...Karen and I had starting emailing about a year prior to her wedding. From the very first contact email I received from her I felt a good connection.  Karen and Dan were planning their Cincinnati wedding from Virginia. Which is stressful on any level, but when we finally met in person, I knew this girl was on top of the game. She handed me a folder containing about 40 pages of info. From photos and bios of each member of the bridal party, music playlists, invitations, inspiration boards and all kinds of goodies. I felt as though I just met with a wedding planner who was getting married. This girl was organized and I LOVED it. Aside from the organization Karen offered I immediately noticed how her and Dan compliment each other so perfectly. Respectfully asking each others opinions on things and just being in love.
Looking forward to their wedding, the day finally came and I was blown away. First because Karen did an AMAZING job at planning her wedding. She left out not even the smallest detail. Everything was beautiful and the love surrounding Karen and Dan was absolutely perfect. They have so many awesome friends who wanted to make sure this day was flawless and everyone did!
I have to start showing photos now, because there are so many fantastic images. Congratulations Karen and Dan and I hope you are adjusting well to your new home in Atlanta.

Hair: Drea Naschke
Makeup: Heidi McKenna
Bouquets: Etsy (KateSaidYes)
Officiant: Steve Means
DJ: Brian Childs

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