Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Unique Centerpieces for your Wedding

While planning your wedding you have many fun and creative things that you and your fiance can make look really unique.  That being said the center pieces for your tables where your guests will sit is something that you want them to remember and to also be a conversation starter.  The center piece is very important because it bases off of what your wedding theme is, the colors, and what you all as a engaged couple enjoys.  There are so many different types of center pieces you can do that are different, such as of course the traditional flowers like roses, lilies, tulips, daisy's, carnations, and more but with either an edge, modern, or soft look to them.  The types of add ons that you can use are ribbon, different shapes and colored vases, bottles, candles, fish bowls, and etc.  Putting some thought into your center piece is important because everyone sees it and it is a main attraction when your guests walk into the reception hall. Here are some eye catching center pieces to help create a unique look.


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