Monday, February 27, 2012

why having a good photographer is soooooo important (regardless of your budget!)

Well.. this blog post was going to be about getting your sexy on with a boudoir shoot, but I decided (last minute) to make the boudoir post another day. Either way.. BOTH are important!
So the title says "regardless of your budget!" yes i saw that.  As a wedding planner, I do spend countless hours on the internet, I will admit it.. I search and drool over weddings until the wee hours of the night and get inspired. (My husband thinks I am wasting time, I say TV is wasting time.) My point is.. even if you have a 5,000 budget for your WHOLE wedding.. Spend most of that on your photographer. The world of D.I.Y. ( do it yourself) in the wedding world is crazy awesome right now! You can have a back yard wedding and create an atmosphere that is phenomenal with the help of D.I.Y. tutorials! Have friends and family make the food, do a D.I.Y. bar, get the wedding DJ app for your iPhone or iPod, thrift your wedding gown and find an alteration person to up-cycle it! (or even use your moms!) do an awesome dessert bar rather than a fancy wedding cake. These are all ideas that are super trendy right now. Yes, a few years ago I tossed out the D.I.Y. service to help brides who want a D.I.Y. look but do not have time to do it. But if your budget is small (I had my wedding on a 8,000 budget by the way) why not take the time to make it awesome.
So my post is about your photographer right!! You can find a GREAT photographer for 2,500. - 3,000. YES that is a lot of money, I KNOW! But hear me out... the one thing you will have FOREVER, will be your photos. The photography market in the wedding industry is OVER saturated with people who just go buy a camera and think they know what they are doing. You HAVE to do your homework, and just because they charge $2500. does not mean they are good, nor does having 20 years experience. I am not saying you may not get lucky and find a photographer who is just starting out and trying to build their portfolio and charging next to nothing to do it. They do exist, and every now and then they are really good.
I think another issue is being a bride, you may have never thought about photographers before. You may not have a clue as to what is good and what is hideous and out dated.  I went back and forth about whether I should post examples of good wedding photography and bad wedding photography and choose to not do it. I am not here to tell someone they suck at what they do. I am here to educate a couple in making smart choices when it comes to wedding vendors. So instead I will just post a link to some really great local photographers via my "we love" page. These are people that can tell your wedding day story with their art.
Go see some awesome photographers here!

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Amanda said...

I love this post! I wish more couples would heed this advice!