Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Make Save the Dates Fun!


Your save the dates are one of your first fun projects in the wedding planning process as an engaged couple.  After choosing your date there are many different ways to create something extravagant and creative!  This is a great way to include your groom to be in the planning.  Your groom will love to give some input and feel very excited to give appealing ideas to share.  Save the date invites are creative, excitement, and brings even more passion for each other.  Whether you and your lovely partner are obsessed with themes such as vintage, beach, outdoor, rustic, modern, and etc there are so many ways that you can portray those onto a small to medium sized flyer of some sort.  The style of your writing, the colors you use, the symbols, or the templates are a way to share your ideas as a future married couple.  Postcard style, magnets, cards with photos, calendars, red carpet movie tickets, a storyline of how you met, trends, and more are all great ideas to share with your friends and family for your upcoming special date.

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