Friday, February 17, 2012


Pinterest has become one of my biggest obsessions. I am pretty sure every wedding planner/designer adores it as much as I do. The concept of Pinterest is genius, basically you "pin" photos to create inspiration boards. The best part about Pinterest is when you pin something you love from a website it acts like an online bookmark. So you can always go back to the "pin", click on it and it takes you back to the website it came from. It is awesome for saving recipes, inspiration photos, D.I.Y. tutorials, and anything you just really love or want to revisit.
I love that I am able to create inspiration boards for my couples and they can also add to that board. So we are always on the same page in terms of design. The couples can look at it anytime they want and click "like" on the images they really love. Pinterest has taken inspiration boards to a new level that I LOVE! Go check out my Pinterest boards and see how fast you can get addicted.

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