Tuesday, July 12, 2011


OK OK.. I have been waiting to do a blog post about love+bash for awhile now so here it is.
Many of you know that Nikita Gross of Nikita Gross Photography and I worked our butts off to organize Cincinnati's first ever alternative bridal expo. We put many, many, many hours of planning into this event and I think in the end it showed. It was awesome! When we said "bad ass" we meant every syllable of it.
Honestly we had no idea what to expect. We had many bi-polar moments where we were so pumped and excited than we would start to panic and freak out a little. Our vendors were great and every time they said they were excited it gave Nikita and myself a little boost of confidence.
When the day finally came, it was raining, which made us even more nervous! As we were all unloading onto the sidewalks waiting to get into the Leapin Lizard every moment that passed we got more and more nervous, excited and anxious. So many emotions!
Once we got in it was "game-on."
Every vendor knew exactly what to do when it came to their displays. We were so excited to see everyone bring it, in terms of creativity and using love+bash as an outlet for that. Everyone got our vision perfectly.
As time went on, all of the fashion show models were upstairs getting their hair and make-up done. Downstairs was shaping up to look "bad ass" Nikita and I were running around like crazy checking everything and someone yelled "you have a line outside!" We were so excited, Nikita's motto through this whole adventure was "if we build it, they will come." From day one she said that, and I believed it and it happened. The turn out was awesome and so many brides, grooms, moms, and friends had FUN! It was not stuffy and people wanted to talk to the vendors. They loved what they saw and asked questions. It was exactly what we wanted. I know I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and pride once the day came to an end and I am 100% sure Nikita did as well. We could not have done it without the amazing vendors who participated and the bad ass couples who came to see. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making love+bash a success.
We are excited to start planning love+bash 2 and have many bright new ideas and BIGGER plans for the future. So take a peek at the 1ST annual love+bash!

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