Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rock'n the Wedding Contest

As weddings season is drawing to a close I have been looking through all of the weddings that YWBJ coordinated this year and I must say we did some pretty amazing and pretty work. So that was the inspiration for this contest!
Yes we all love pretty weddings. Especially when they have some really awesome personal touches that you do not see at any other wedding. BUT what I want to see is a Rock'n wedding that is downright awesome as well.
SO girlz and maybe some boi readers this is what I have for ya.
Your Wedding by Jen is looking for the most offbeat, rock n roll bride type affair. We will be offering the lucky winner of this contest 75% OFF of a full or partial planning package. Seriously that is insanity on my end but I need to unleash some of my ideas on someone willing to rock them.
So here is what we are looking for..

tattooed bridez and groomz
non traditional wedding attire
willingness to rock the reception
unique venue location

Basically we want a couple who will step outside of the traditional box and really punk up the wedding. So if you think you have what it takes then here is what you have to do.

Send us an email to contest@yourweddingbyjen.com saying why you think you and your soul mate should be the YWBJ Rock'n the Wedding winner. It does not have to be a novel okay, just type it up and tell me why. Tell me your wedding date, attach a photo and hit send.
On October 31st we will pick a winner and we will be on our merry way to planning this bad azz wedding. Easy enough right?
Your wedding MUST be on a date that we have available. So just a word of advice if you are looking for May of 2010 I have one weekend left. So you must either be flexible or have a date that I have open.
So open up your email and start sending in the entries! Good luck to you kidz.

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