Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everyone loves love. Photo of the day..

I have been the worst blogger lately. Goodness I have been BUSY! This month is my last month at the Wedding Mall as most know anyway. I have been working like crazy getting everything ready for the transition and trying to make it as  smooth as possible. So I have the coolest contractor guy doing my contractor type work.. AKA.. drywall hanging, building new walls and that sort of stuff. I have been painting like crazy, starting with the bathroom. EWE that place was nasty! It is coming back to life though and it may end up being my favorite room of all. Many will be shocked to see that I have broken away from my black and white pallet and moved to some crazy colors. I am so excited about this place. Just being downtown inspires me like crazy. I love change and this change is just what i needed to get out of my rut. I could sit in my cave (old office) and wait for my creativity to hit but nothing.. it would drive me crazy! Now though just walking from my car to the door of my new shop, let me say that again.. MY new shop.. is an inspiration! Each day I meet another cool person and I can not wait to meet the next. I feel pretty excited right now to get everything completed and start giving my brides some much deserved attention. (thank you to all my clients for bearing with me during this transition as well) 
When I first ventured out of my home office into a "real" office I felt that being in a bridal district was absolutely necessary now I know that is just not the case. As long as I am in an area that is loaded with cool hipsters and style I am good and my clients will find me. 
I am so excited to be opening this new place right at the start if my wedding season. I feel overwhelmed with happiness, and love and I know that it will reflect my weddings and make them even more amazing then last years. 

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