Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bridal Fitness ~ Hooping = Tight Bod + Fun!!!!!

I know that many girls start a new work out regimen prior to the wedding. I wanted to suggest something that is fun and an amazing workout. HOOPING! Yes all you girls had one as a kid. A hula-hoop. Well maybe not everyone had one but I did and back then I thought skipping while hooping was cool then. Now as an adult hoop dancing is where its at. I used to be totally addicted to this years ago. Then I stopped and about 4 months ago started again. My issue was all the hoops that I bought were too small because I have long arms. Then I found that you can buy hoops for adults. COOL ONES too. I have been using a 6 dollar hoop I found at Target and it is really holding me back from many tricks the only good thing I can see in having a  hoop that is too small is that it is way easier working with multiple hoops. 
Anyhow this is a workout like you wouldn't believe. A full body workout at that and it is totally addicting. I think it is one home workout program many of you will find to be a great time and really stress relieving as well. I suggest creating a really cool play list on you ipod of high BPM songs , turn it up loud and hoop for at least 30 minutes. I think if you say 30 minutes you will likely go over that because it is so fun. Then you start to learn new tricks and moves and it is awesome. here are some samples of some really cool hooping videos. Check them out and also here is a site that can help you get started with some awesome hoops and great instruction Hoopnotica and Hoopgirl.


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