Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Over and Out

Well this is goodbye for the week.. I went and bought my offspring Disney world tickets for Christmas so the time has come where Delta is down to probably 8 flights prior to ours. (We leave tomorrow)
I am pretty excited since all three of the brood are over the height restrictions and can ride anything I can talk them into getting on. YES! Although chances are they will be talking me into the riding but whatever right! Is all I know is this is going to be fun and I want my 11 year old to photograph me with every stupid Disney character that i sacrificed my TV time for while i make some sort of silly gesture. ha ha. My 11 year old can take amazing pictures! She definitely does not get that from me but she does have an eye for that. YaY for her.
So did you know that you can have your wedding at Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom. I am unsure of this concept right now. I did visit this castle as a kid and I do not seem to re-call seeing people actually going in. But that could have been an oversight on my part. So I am hoping that I see a wedding going on. Only because I want to see how this actually works. If I were to have a wedding in Cinderella's castle I would think it would have to be ridiculously flowy. (is that a word) I mean like princess Diana's train flowy. It would have to be over over over the top. Or else just absolutely animated. I don't know. I may ask for a tour.. ha ha. Just to see what a magic castle wedding would consist of. As a matter of fact that is a great idea! I will start calling now! PLUS.. the kids get a tour right! ha ha. Genius of me. DUH! okie dokie I am soo Orlando bound and now more excited that I was when I started typing this 4 minutes ago. See ya on the flip side kiddies!

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