Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tis the season to........

Okay okay I am sorry I am the blogging failure. I have been thinking about blogging but then something comes up like trying to get my new office finally completed (which it is still not). Either way each day I do spend some time online looking at the newest collections of dresses and I finally am happy with the few I found and love. 
When it comes to your wedding gown I say pick what you love. It can be totally classic and timeless or it can just scream this is me! I can definitely say that none of the gowns below are timeless but they are downright awesome and I love them all. I wouldn't even be able to choose one if I were picking for myself. 
I am so excited about this coming wedding season and the dresses that my girls are wearing. Some I have not even seen yet but I know they will be absolutely stunning.

                                                Designer Unknown but if you know please tell!!
                                                            Dress above is by  ~ Angel Sanchez

                                                  Dress above is designed by ~  Jessica McClintock

                                                      Dress above is Ramona Keveza 
                                                       Above is Vera Wang!
                                                   Above is Vera Wang! 

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