Thursday, February 19, 2009

Show me the loft space....

I get so frustrated with Cincinnati sometimes... We have all of these crazy amazing buildings downtown that would make the most amazing loft space venues but no one has done it yet.. WHY? What the heck are we waiting for!?!?. Hello urban developers..(knocking on urban developers heads) Can someone please create a loft space that can accommodate at least 300 seated guests? I myself would do it but I really have no clue as to where to start. Oh and while your at it a rooftop terrace for a wedding/cocktails would be freaking awesome. 
I know that driving down Vine Street today I witnessed much scaffolding and worker guys doing some serious rehabbing. So why the heck not? I mean could you imagine the above said venue down near Bootsy's on Walnut? It would be freaking perfect. 
If I had a TON of money I would definitely be dropping a large portion of it into this project. People are looking for these venues! But guess what Cincinnati has nothing for them.
Maybe someday some super amazing person will come to me and say "guess what i have done" and i will say "what" while looking at this crazy amazing person somewhat psychotically because I probably do not know this person. and the person will say "I created this amazing loft space that I would like to show you." I will then be in love with the said psychotic person. 
I find this idea to be absolutely brilliant!!!! 

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Meg said...

I couldn't agree more. I looked into Loft spaces and there are not any good one! There is a market for it. Now lets just hope someone sees it as an opportunity.