Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This ain't your mama's wedding!!!!

Yeah I said it! (sorry mom's) and covered my butt. When i say this ain't your mama's wedding i totally mean that times have changed, weddings have gotten wild, crazy and personal! It is not all frilly lace and 14 tiered lighted cakes with fountains. This is the party that is telling the world or at least everyone who is  involved in YOUR world that you are in love. That you are willing to spend your life with this person. Why would you want this party to look like knottie 080808cali's party? (No offence Knottie brides you girlz rock.)This is the one time that everyone you know will be hanging out in an environment that you are creating as an expression of who you and your man are. Go ahead be daring! It is ok! I promise! People will walk away saying WOW now that was not a painful wedding! 
When i am planning a wedding for a couple I ask them to each send me three things that they love or are important to them. I tell them they can take photos and email them or bring them into me however they think is best. BUT i ask them to do it separately. We all know that when Girlie sayz she loves her Manolo heals then Boyie is going to say NOOOO you can send that.  So I want to get a true feel for the things that are important with no influence by the significant other. Then once i get them, then i create the wedding based on the couples loves! That is how you make an amazing personal wedding happen. Yes looking through Martha Stewart Weddings will get your creative juices flowing but still how is Martha actually you? 
These days I think the more different your wedding ends up the better off you are! I mean why not make your reception a dance party? I don't mean YMCA dance (unless that is what you are into) Make it a club! After dinner is over and all the big events have happened open it up to some serious dance beats. I know you are saying "well grandma may not like that." ok for one.. I bet Grandma knows how to bust it on the dance floor. You would be surprised at how many weddings I have watched grandma show up the grand kids on the dance floor! It is great! 
How else can you make it different.. change the lighting after dinner to create a lounge effect. 
Set out masks or make escort cards from vintage masquerade masks. That way after dinner is over you can make it a big masquerade party. Moustaches are becoming pretty trendy but heck they are fun! 
The options are really endless and they really are depending on how open you are to new things. I think it is super important to change up the atmosphere though. Give people something new to look at or at least make it seem like it. 
So mom....that was not so bad huh! I just wanted to throw all that out there. So girlz get your creative hats on and make your wedding YOU! 

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