Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vintage Girls

I have a TON of brides doing the "vintage" theme for the next two years. I am really excited about it too because I LOVE vintage. I am glad girls are starting to think in terms of style instead of color. It is definitely fun. So even though I feel like I have a good feel for a vintage wedding I still love to research because there are so many era's to work with. That is what I do I research the life out of any theme or idea one of my brides has. I have noticed that Cincinnati really has not caught on to this trend. Meaning dress shops. Wow it is hard to find a great vintage dress around here. So during my research I did find an AMAZING designer of strictly vintage. I think you girls will love her. Only downfall. you will have to travel to her if you want to try then gowns on. BOO HOO! Come on Cincinnati lets go and expand to carry other lines of dresses besides the norm. It is okay!

One good thing is Cincinnati does have some great locations for this theme. Music Hall, Union Terminal, The Syndicate, to name a few.

So go on and check out this site if nothing else it should give you some inspiration. Click on the pic above.

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