Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Escort Card? Seating Charts? Place Cards? None of the above?

Where to start.. I always ask my brides "will you be doing assigned seating?" Because for one it takes a bit of time to organise the seating and for two if they say no I like to try and talk them into it. Unless of course it is a super casual wedding or a "cocktail" type event.
Almost 90% of the time I hear well what is an escort card and place card? Seating chart? (Usually the groom asks) but often the bride too. So let me define them..
Escort Card: a small card usually set out on a table or other creative item to tell the guest which table they will be sitting at.

Place Card: A card or item with a name on it that will tell your guest which seat they will sit at usually accompanied by a seating chart

Seating Chart: A display of names along with the table they will be assigned to.

I personally prefer the escort card style. For one it is generally easier for the guest to grab their card or item and go. For two they can be so fun! It does not have to be a card at all. It can be a rock, a clothes pin, a pen, a box of crayons, a flower pot, anything you can think of!

Seating Charts.. I am not as find of. They tend to create a "traffic jam", because they are placed right outside the door and the guest have to look for their name and table and if you are creative and have maybe made each table something other than a number they have to think "well what is the Peonies table?" And poor grandma can not see the chart so she is like right up on it reading everyone's names to see who is who and where they are. So even though they are really pretty I suggest to assign your guests a table with the escort card and let them pick who they sit next to.

That is just my 2 cents!

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