Sunday, February 6, 2011


How terrible is it that I am just now blogging a wedding I did last May!?!
I am going to tell a long story about Sarah and Matthew, because I worked with them for almost 2.5 years! I met Sarah and her mom at a bridal show I used to do when I was in the wedding mall in Covington. When Sarah said her wedding was well over 2 years away I did not think I would hear from her any time soon. Mostly because I had never had a bride who allowed for so much time to plan. Well need less to say, I did hear from her and booked her and Matthew.
I knew when I met with Sarah, her mom and Matthew, that this crew was going to be a hoot. I laughed with them at pretty much every meeting we had. Matthew was DEAD SET against having pink in his wedding. He was a manly military kind of guy. He was not in the "ok, she is the bride and wants it" kind of stage yet. We toyed with many color schemes starting with navy and silver. Which was very elegant. Sarah knew what she wanted. I knew she knew, and I also knew that eventually Matthew would agree. :)
Sarah was a girlie girl when it came to her wedding. She wanted pinks, glam, vintage, and sparkle and there was no changing that. After I got to know Matthew a little better I saw how he was a funny guy who just wanted to have a fun, elegant wedding for his guest. A few months (maybe even a year) went by and the next thing I knew we were having a pink, black and ivory with a vintage twist kind of wedding.  I loved it. I loved this couple so much. Their humor and how they laughed all of the time was inspiring. I knew I had to add in some manly touches to this pink wedding, I didn't want Matthew to feel like he got shafted at all. Matthew loves good cigars and good beer. Sarah loves reading and vintage. With the two put together I came up with some fantastic centerpieces. I took thrifted books, thrifted beer mugs, wooden cigar boxes and a lot of pink florals and went to town. Myself and Katie Elfers created a perfect mix of girlie and manly. It was perfect.
To add to Matthew's needs as a guy, we provides a smoke room with cigars. I am pretty sure I got this couple from hello. I just had to help Matthew see that it is ok for a guy to have some pink at his wedding.
Sarah grandmother provided the pink peonies from her garden and Sarah's necklace.  Matthew's aunt made the crazy chocolate grooms cake which had like 5-7 different kinds of chocolate and it smelled amazing! Sarah's step-mom made the table numbers. I loved how the family came together to create little special touches.  Check out their photo board!
Vendors were:
Reception: The Syndicate
Florist: Katie Elfers
Cake: Tres Belle
Photography: Varland Photography
DJ: McFadden
Stationery: Giddy Ink

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Lauren said...

Well worth the wait! What a beauty...