Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finding a venue that doesn't suck.

I'm not going to lie, Cincinnati is NOT over saturated with awesome venues for a wedding. Especially if you are a bride who wants something different and affordable. It seems that most venues are your typical brass chandelier, dropped ceiling, hideous carpeted standard venue. Unfortunately brides think that is what is expected. WHY? It is so not required to have an ugly venue for your wedding reception. Believe it or not there are a few good places in the area and I am sure this applies to any area. You really have to think outside of the box. Stop putting "wedding venue" in your google search if you are not finding something amazing! Start putting in art centers/galleries, parks, historic homes, theaters, vineyards, meeting space, loft space, even night clubs!
You will be surprised at how many of these places will host a wedding reception. AND be within your budget! I have no idea why some brides think a venue like this is even close to being acceptable..
Let's look at everything that is hideous about this place..
First of all those chairs! UGH! Who even came up with this idea? Yes they can be covered, but that is not free. Next what the hell are those artificial trees doing besides looking tacky? Let's not even talk about the lighting or the carpet. How about that pillar in the middle of the room? Pretty useful huh? This is a standard wedding reception venue. WHY? Why do people even do this? I mean if some place is going to charge say a $12,000 minimum food and beverage why not make the space look awesome? I am not saying this space requires this. As a matter of fact I have no idea where this space is, but it looks like many other places in this area.
I will be brutally honest, the wedding industry is a hard nut to crack. With price mark ups, and an over saturated vendor market it is hard for a bride. Even with the bazillion websites and blogs out there it is hard. Why? Because they are not realistic. I mean sure, many websites and blogs have tons of BEAUTIFUL photos, ideas and inspiration but where are the ones that are realistic in terms of budget? They are few and far between. And lets face it most of us are not working with a $100,000 budget. So you need to find the best bang for your buck. Is a venue that looks like that above what you would call your best option? NO! Even for a traditional bride this is not a good buy. When I am working with clients I NEVER, EVER send them to a cookie cutter venue. EVER! There are other options. Affordable options at that. So even if you are not working with a planner please keep looking before you settle. You do not have to have your wedding here.

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