Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out of Town Clients.

I'm not going to lie. I LOVE clients who are coming from another place to get married here in Cincinnati. The story with most is they lived here as children, went off to college and now live in another state. Leaving their families behind can only mean coming home for the wedding.
Anyways, I booked Kristin and Andy this past summer via conference call. After emailing Kristin a few times I knew I loved her and definitely wanted to work with them. They live in Chicago, ummmmm... jealous! Chicago is my favorite day trip vacation spot. I would totally live there if we could pick up everything and relocate our businesses on a whim. Well that is just not realistic in my world.
Kristin was talking to me about her vendors and said her photographer is kinda new and she is going to travel down from Indianapolis. In my brain I was panicking. A newer photographer traveling all the way here.. hmmm... okay if you say so.
 Well they had the engagement shoot and sent me a link. My mouth hit the floor! FANTASTIC! What an awesome surprise. First of all the locations they went to... LOVE! Next the photographer did a wonderful job all together. I wanted to share a few of Kristin and Andy's shots. If you want to see more go on over to Jenna Davis Photography's website by clicking here.


Johnny Pressley said...

I'm a big fan of Jenna Davis Photography. But then again, that's my daughter. I don't know where she got her photo instincts, but she seems to be a natural at this. Our extended family loves her work. And we appreciate your kind comments on this blog.
Johnny Pressley
Cincinnati, OH

OxyJen said...

Ah you should be ever so very proud. She does have a gift.