Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Wedding Season!

WOW! I have been a blogging SLACKER! Honestly though I have had good reason for that. I will give you all the short version:

My lease was up in February for my studio and I had the hardest time trying to decide on re-newing. I knew that if I had to really talk myself into the re-new then it probably was not worth it. So I went ahead and chose to move my office into my house. After all I was working more from home then in my studio anyways so it was a very sensible plan. So there that is and done...

On to the next topic at hand.

Recently I have been playing around with lots of feathers and went ahead and decided to make some bridal hair pieces. At first I was making just funky everyday whatever hair pieces. Now I have moved on to bridal. I am really having fun with feathers, and vintage inspired fascinator hats as well as birdcage veils. I have to tell you this is a challenging thing for me. Because I am a perfectionist as a wedding planner. When using feathers I am literally picking through every single plume and piece for the perfect feather. It takes FOREVER! All of the items are hand stitched and also perfectly stitched. On most you can not even find the stitching. So far I only have one completed fascinator hat with veil but I am working on a few others right now. I have been lucky at the antique malls finding lots of vintage lace and fun items to incorporate into these pieces.

My season is kicking off with some great venues to start with such as the Syndicate, Stonelick Hills Golf Course and the Hilton's Hall of Mirrors for this month. So much fun will be had!

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