Monday, March 8, 2010

DIY'er gets Married!!!

What do you get when you take Etsy store owner Bianca and her wedding and mix them together? Well you get a mad dose of awesomeness, that's what.
Now Bianca has not just one but two Etsy stores. The first one is called Alter-Eco Clothing where you will find a seriously awesome line of handmade clothing. All crafted from organic fabrics, recycled materials and non-toxic fabric paints. Her second store is Black Widow DIY where you will find tons of reconstructed band shirts as well as loads of really cool street wear.
Now back to this wedding... Bianca is a special kind of bride because not only is she super creative but she has mad sewing skills as well. So naturally one would expect someone with these talents to create her own wedding wear by hand and that is just what she did. She made her wedding dress and it is AMAZING!!! She did not stop there though she also made her bridesmaids dresses, her garter and probably everything that involved fabric. I can not tell you how many times I hear brides say they are having a hard time finding dresses for their girls. So clearly this is one solution to finding the perfect dress. I love the fact that Bianca added the damask corsets to the dresses.
I know you are probably dying to see the photos so I will not keep talking. The last thing I want to throw out there is that Bianca has her wedding dress for sale in her Etsy shop. So if you think you want it you can click here to get the scoop. Now on with the eye candy!!!!

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