Monday, January 18, 2010

Boudior Photos...

One thing that I love about my career is the fact that sometimes I see something cool and I just feel like I should try it. Mainly so I can give good first hand information to my clients but sometimes, just because it looks like too much fun not to try. Take boudior photos for instance. Now these can be tricky to some, because lets face it not all of us like to get nearly naked in front of someone armed with a camera. Now I adore the idea of this mini photo sessions for a few reasons.

1. You get to get your hair and makeup done.
2. Your soon to be hubby is going to be blown away by the photos.
3. You may get some new lingerie.
4. You are going finish up the shoot feeling like a sexy little kitten.

A few years ago I decided that I would go ahead and try this boudior shoot just to see what it is all about. So I went ahead and booked an amzing photographer here in Cincinnati, Tine Hofmann from TM Photography. I booked Tine not only because her photography blows me away but also because she is a she. I figured I would feel more at ease with a woman doing these photos. I was definity nervous when the day came, but I went and had my makeup done and came home to wait for Tine. I did not go out and buy anything new for the photos so I really had no clue what I would be wearing for this event. Tine arrived and she scouted out my house then she said "take me to your closet." From there she started pulling out things I probably had not worn in 10 years. I trusted her judgement and went with it. So with a bed covered in some girlie things she told me what to put on first then come down stairs. Yes I felt a little bit odd for all of 1 1/2 minutes. Tine immediately put me at ease. Told me where to go how to sit, lay stand, whatever. After about 6 changes of attire and two - three hours we were done. I never in a million years thought I would have so much fun standing in front of someone, being nearly nude, taking photos.
So for the girls out there who are trying to come up with a gift that your fiance will love. I think this is a perfect idea.
I am not going to post my personal photos, but here are a few from random photographers.

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