Monday, November 9, 2009

Get your face ready girl!

Ok, so I am sort of embarrassed to say this but to me skin care used to consist of target brand makeup remover wipes and eye make up remover. I would always complain about how I am 30 something and still have acne like I am 15. I never really understood why because I remove my makeup. Duh!! So after much pressuring I finally went in to Shane Weber Salon and had a facial. Now understand, I have had a facial before at a salon/spa type place and when I walked out I was expecting a miracle but was quickly disappointed when I looked in the mirror to see not a single change from when I walked in. So that experience sort of had me entering the salon with little expectations on a huge change or even a little change.
When I walked into the salon I was greeted by Stephany the skin care specialist at Shane Weber Salon and was handed a form to fill out. Basically asking a good amount of skin related questions as well as a few health related. Once I completed the form Stephany took me back into the skin room and explained what her plan of attack would be. So I got ready, laid on the bed and was told to relax as she got to work. Initially I had a hard time relaxing, mainly because I was expecting the same results as the first facial I had, but I also have issues with people being in my facial area and not being able to see what they are doing. Well, needless to say that lasted about 5 minutes, at that point I was totally relaxed and about to fall asleep. Stephany explained what she was doing each time she did something different which was very comforting to me. After much cleansing she examined my skin under an intensely bright light. In my head I was thinking "oh my god she is looking at all of my skin in all of its horrific grossness".. Ha.. Once she looked over it she told me what the issues were and how we needed to treat it. I said "okay" and we went on with the facial. After about an hour and a half and about 20 minutes of that included some really amazing massage action, I was all finished. She left the room so I could get dressed and the only thing I could think about was walking back out into the salon with no makeup on and my face looking like crap.   So I took about 5 extra minutes to exit the skin room. I walked out and she immediately took me over to a mirror to check it out.  I was pretty much blown away. My bare naked skin looked amazing! I could not believe how good it looked. So needless to say I was sold. She gave me a list of products that I should get with no pressure what so ever to buy them. Well, of course I am buying them if my skin can look like this all the time I will buy whatever it takes!  Stephany showed me the products that I should have to start with and I eagerly bought them. Then she gave me detailed instructions on how and when to use them. I was also informed that it will take about 4-6 weeks before I see a real improvement. I was thinking wow I already see a huge improvement, so in 4-6 weeks I cannot even imagine what my skin will look like. I left the salon very happy that I came in for the "dreaded facial". Later that night I pulled out the boxes of Dermalogica products that I had purchased as well as the directions on how and when to use what. It took me about a half hour to get familiar with the products and get the routine down but now it takes about 5 minutes.
So my point is girls, for your wedding day you can't wait till the last minute to get your skin in shape. Even those who are still a year out why wait until you are two months away to get started? Yes, photographers can photoshop your skin imperfections but they cannot create a healthy glow like good skin care can.  When the skin care routine is customized to your specific needs it makes a huge difference.
You can contact Stephany at Shane Weber Salon by calling 513.221.6500 to schedule an appointment. I can assure you that you will walk out totally ecstatic by the initial results.

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