Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feathers and Fabric.. Oh My....

Nothing says sassy like feathers and I am absolutely in love with all feather bouquets as well as those made of fabric. How cool are these babies and you could coordinate the colors like mad. If I were getting married I would totally rock one of these without batting a lash. Choosing just one would be the difficult part. After a few hours of browsing google images and flicker I found that Etsy has the best selection and the sellers have mad skillz when it comes to creating these feathery lovelies so take a peek and if you love one or want to see more the etsy seller's link is just a click away!

Visit this etsy seller by clicking here... I am pretty sure she is my favorite.

Love these colors together! Visit this seller here

Love the combination of vintagey colored fabrics, and the vintage bling. See her here.

Then this amazing felt and fabric bouquet is found right here.
Fun color choices see the pink bouquet right here!

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Lauren Hayes said...

Great finds, Jen...thanks for this entry. LOVE IT!