Monday, March 2, 2009

Tipz #2!!!

Okay kidz.. I have been hearing this too much lately and I try not to be too crazy bossy with my brides but sometimes I think that it is necessary. Especially when i hear " I am doing my own makeup." Oh crap I think to myself.. Now don't get me wrong all of my bridez are gorgeous girlz and I am sure they do a great job at their makeup on a normal day of the week. When I hear this I just say oh is that what you do? You are a makeup artist? No is the answer i get.. 100% of the time. Except for one of my clients who is indeed a makeup artist so she is exempt form this topic.. with her I just asked are you doing your own makeup.. She is allowed.. she went to school for that she knows whats up. So back to the topic at hand.. wedding day makeup is not like everyday makeup. For one it is going to have to survive the most emotional day of your life. 65-70% of the time it is going to need to be able to withstand high temperatures. It must be tear proof, smudge proof, kiss proof, smile proof, and what the hell lets make it fireproof too. (just kidding) I learned this first hand by my friend who is a makeup artist and has done my makeup for every photo shoot I have ever done except for one. I have learned that I am stupid when it comes to makeup. No matter how many times i watch her apply the stuff on my face.. I can never get it to look like it has been professionally applied. When she is finished I am always blown away by my face.. It looks like me just a better version. Which is important as well. You don't want the groom to know it is you just because you are walking down the aisle in the wedding gown. He should be able to recognise your face as well.
Another thing about make up is when you are having photos done these girlz (and some boyz) know tricks to really make your good features pop on camera. Plus they are able to hide your imperfections way better then you can. TRUST ME! Why leave the touching up to the photographer? They are not miracle workers. Just get the makeup. If you are paying $3500.00 for pictures then why skimp on the $50-150 on makeup? It is just common sense if you ask me. Plus this is your day of pampering and fun.
No more blogging today! I am too opinionated today for some reason.

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Anonymous said...

Very good Jen! You explained this important debate very well. Us makeup artists love you for this one.