Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's no secret!

Okay so this past month has been one that I will call CRAZY! There are so many new things going on for Your Wedding By jen and initially I thought I wanted to keep the MAJOR thing a secret but I have decided what the heck .. 
First off let me start by telling you all about some of the new stuff going on.  We are now offering linen rentals and the rates and amazing. Now don't think I am trying to do all types of rental items. This is LINEN only.. (i.e. napkins, chair covers, sashes, table linens.)
Next, Your Wedding By jen is moving! YEP! I have found a really really cute location downtown on East Court St. I am soooo excited about this move but I am a bit less excited about the work that will be involved in getting this little place ready to go. So starting March 1st my office will still be in the wedding mall but chances are my body will be on Court St slaving away like Peter Perfect(or Peterette) making this place rock.  Then if all goes as planned I will be moved in by April 1st. There will be a party on the books but the date it TBD. 
Once I am moved I will be branching out into corporate events as well as weddings. Also I will be doing travel bookings. Which is something I had to stop doing when I moved into the mall due to the exclusivity each vendor holds. I will be offering a very limited amount of catalog invitations. I will not be pushing those because I think that there are some really amazing local invitation girls that can create stationary way better then Carlson Craft or Jean M. But in the event someone wants them I will have them available.
Finally.. and this may be in the distant future but since my new location does have two floors I intend on making the basement a really cool place where vendors can hold meetings or meet with clients at no charge. It will also be a great place the ABC can hold monthly meetings or whatever. 
So that is my BIG news! YAY!!! So i expect to see all of my vendor friends, non vendors friends, downtown people, past, present and future bridez and groomz and moms and dads and just everyone at this party.. Stay tuned for more info! 

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