Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Affordable Vintage!

So.... I am in heaven with this super amazing website Unique-Vintage!! With all the awesome vintage inspired events coming up I thought my brides would love and appreciate this site. These dresses are so amazing and holy cow they are soooo affordable! I am in love with the 30's glam styles because I love that era next to the 20's but I love them both equally. All these dresses I am posting are under $400.00 and most are $100-$200! I KNOW! Can you believe that. Here are some samples but really you should hit the site and do some searching.This dress above is $228.00!

This dress above is $98.00!!!! I am not even kidding!

This dress above is $170.00!!! Seriously!!!

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Annie said...

Holy goodness those are great! The last one is GORGEOUS!!! = )