Saturday, November 29, 2008

So in Love.....

Okay so anyone who knows me probably knows I am not your everyday average girl. I love things that are off the wall and very much not norm. So I wanted to post some pics that I have found during random dayz of blog reading that I just fell in love with.
Am I taking a chance by posting these photos.. maybe.. not all brides like the off beat bride blog or indie brides..but I can't help but to be drawn to the creativity of these weddings. Not for everyone though. Don't get me wrong I love pretty things just as much as funky!
So during the slow season I am finding photos that I have fallen in love with and I wanted to share them with all of you.
These are not photos of wedding that I have coordinated these are simply random images that I love. Images that I feel represent love in all colors and styles.


kat said...

could you also let me know where the bride in blue came from!?

yourweddingbyjen said...

The bride in blue is Gala Darling. She is a super amazing fashion blogger and you can visit her blog by going to