Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lets hear it for the boyz!!

We girlz tend to get all caught up in the "bridal" aspect of the wedding we sort of forget the reason we are getting married. Let me give you a hint.... that boy!! you know the one you took that first look at and it made your heart skip a beat. So in tribute to the ones that make us act like sillies, I would like to show you some super cool tux options! Especially with the trends that I am seeing now I think these tuxes totally fit the bill.. Not to mention Brandon Flowers from the Killers makes a darn good tux model.

Can my bridez please make their groomz wear something like this? If not, can you please fly Brandon out to attend the wedding. I totally think these are reasonable requests!

All photos from GQ magazine you can also get a great article on how to buy a tux!

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