Thursday, November 13, 2008

Super 8 video for your wedding?

Right now I am seeing a large number of brides asking for vintage style weddings. Which is great because I love so many era's and there are soooooo many options that we can do a zillion weddings and everyone of them be different.
As I looked through my blog I noticed my mind set really going back and finding great vintage items like the fascinators and parasols and birdcage veils so I asked myself the "what should be next"question. Then it came to me.. what else other then Super 8 film for your wedding video. Nothing to me says nostalgia like Super 8. The camera, the film, the color in my opinion if you want your wedding to really have that vintage feel then you have to have the vintage film!
There are a few companies in this area that offer Super 8 and then there is also a company that you can actually buy a package they send you the camera and film and you volunteer a friend to shoot the video. Mail it all back they process the film and send you a dvd. How cool is that???

If you would like someone local to do the shooting for you visit Iconography Video. You can also see a video sample here.

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