Monday, November 10, 2008

Etiquette Shmetiquette

HEY Guess what it is 2008 almost 2009 and in this day and age of weddings anything goes for the most part!

I hear almost daily the words "What is the right way to do........?" I say "How do YOU want to do.......?" These days there is no right or wrong. With the exception of a few traditional religions you are pretty much "allowed" to do what you want on your wedding day. If you want to wear a black , red, or blue wedding dress.. You go girl! If you want your mom to walk you down the aisle, so be it. Best woman and man of honor it is all good!

Yes I said it Emily Post. Etiquette is really just not happening anymore. I mean of course there are a few given things.. Send out the invites at least 6 weeks in advance. Give the guests some time. If you are having a Catholic wedding... well you have no choice but to follow the priest's rules. PERIOD! There is not much maneuvering there.

Wedding cake.. Lets eat cupcakes, lets have cakes on each table, lets have ice cream, lets have cake and ice cream. Pie? What ever you want.

Garter toss not your thing? Nix it all together. Not everyone likes to have the groom stick his head up their gown in front of grandma.

This is YOUR day. Make it yours. You do not have to make it look like cousin Becky's wedding. Make this wedding speak about you. You like to run? Get married on the track everyone in running shoes.

You can and should do exactly what you want to do for your wedding. This is the main event for your new life together it should reflect the two of you. Your hobbies, your dreams, your goals and aspirations. Don't make it a cookie cutter design make it yours!

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