Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funny stuff!!

So I am obsessed SOWHAT!!! I love weddings and I can not help it! So that is what makes me a good planner.. maybe but I think the real reason that I am a good planner is the fact that I also Love craziness. I love stress and I deal with it in a weird way. For example... (my husband loves this story and reminds me of it OFTEN!!!) One time about 5 1/2 years ago.. I lived in an apartment above my sister in law. This was/is a two family home my family being the renters and my sis in law the owner and lower level tenant. So she was out and it was winter and as many of you know I have a fam.. we are the proud parents of three obnoxious little people.. two of them being a set of twins which at this time were like 6 pounders each..LOL.. about 4 or 5 months old.. ANYWAYS.. (my story telling skills suck) so being the involved mother that I am I was on the floor with my set of mini-me's and i smelled smoke.. hmm. that is odd but living on a farm i just chalked it up as my sis in law burning something (no she is not a pyromaniac) but she does make one mean bon fire and I mean being seen from across the river, call the fire department, bon fire (ha ha) one again off topic). sniffing some more.. hmmm. that seems like it is inside.. very odd. so i get up to investigate. OOKAY THIS IS INSIDE.... ok so my maternal instincts immediately say pack up the kids and get the heck outta here..OKAY easier said than done.. anyone who has tried packing three kids and a load of animals out in about 4 seconds knows what i mean.. lol.. so I frantically dress my twins ( meaning throwing about 5 outfits on top of them in their car seats) while calling 911 top report FIRE, and my oldest daughter who at the time is 5.. buckle them in so the thrashing of carrying two car seats and a cat dragging a 5 year old and a dog behind me does not knock the poor babies out of the seat or unconscious for that matter.. run down the stairs sit the kids on the barn porch run into my sis in laws house to see one what the heck is burning.. and 2 where are her dogs (she is a vet and owns about 7 dogs and a litter of cats) okay so her fireplace is on fire and not in the fireplace area.. more like behind it in the wall.. hmm.. that is probably not good.. okay COME ON DOGS get the BLANCKITY BLANK BLANK OUTTA HERE. Of course they really are not interested in me barking orders at them. the house is totally full of smoke and I am like yeah okay my babies are outside you stupd dogs and i am risking my life for creatures with fur.. SO I am now leaving.. (they follow) for any p.e.t.a. readers out there. I did not leave the dogs to burn.. the fire dept arrives who happens to also be our mailman.. Oh hey you must be moon lighting.. LOL.. yeah i am funny under stress too. We live in the country so nothing seems out of the ordinary really... so they are handling the in wall fire by means of beating the wall apart.. Hmm. that is not gonna leave a small hole.. that is gonna be a wall-less area of the house.. Oh HEY there is my sis in law.. Okay this is the part my husband loves... So she pulls up and is on the phone.. I was always taught to never interrupt someone while they r on the phone.. so she pulls up and i walk over to her truck and she is talking and i whisper very calmly "hey sis in law. did you know your house is on fire?' WHAT HUH HOLY CARP.. drops her phone take off in a panic. (okay so I thought maybe she knew since we live in the country she is a vet maybe someone called her to tell her) I DUNNO!!! but anyways it is a running joke.. hey did you know your house is on fire.. very calm.. yeah that is me I rarely get excited over fires. WHATEVER!! lol.. there is my funny non wedding related blog post..

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