Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do!

It is really just starting to hit me that I don't like "breaking up" with my brides! It is horrible! I mean each month I am loosing girls that I probably spent the last year planning this amazing event with and really we have become friends to a certain point. As a planner we have to really get involved with the one who's event we are planning in order to get a real grasp on this persons personal style and her vision for her wedding. I mean this is the most important event this gal will ever hold next to the birth of their first baby! So it HAS to reflect them as a couple and it HAS to be everything they or she has dreamt of. I say SHE because generally the groom does not "dream" of their wedding day. Some may! But most do not.
ANYWAYS back on track.. I have been one lucky planner because I can honestly say that I have had nothing but amazing brides and grooms. And as the wedding comes and goes I get sad to see my bride go! I mean after a year of talking back and forth usually about fun girlie stuff like flowers and fashion and makeup and hair and so on what can one expect when they are no longer there! Thank goodness there is not shortage of brides. It is just truly a sad day when the ones you have grown to really like go off and get married. ha ha. It makes me tear up at every wedding!

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