Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Internship 2012

Tis true.... Your Wedding by Jen is officially opening the doors for an intern for the 2012 wedding season. We are looking for ONE gal or guy to fill this spot and we are excited to see who fits the bill.

What will an intern do you ask? Ok here is the low down...
1. Work side by side with jen to design and orchestrate at least 4 full planning weddings.
2. Assist with love+bash ii 2012. (the badass wedding expo created by jen and Nikita Gross)
3. Contribute to weekly blog post
4. Assist with day of weddings.
5. Get a real world feel of the wedding industry and network! (at least one networking event is required)

What we are looking for....
1. is detail oriented (duh)
2. loves alternative design (but can do traditional also).
3. likes to work for free (a.k.a. Intern)
4. loves alternative style (we are not fans of cookie cutter)
5. can offer an opinion and take constructive criticism.
6. can shoot the shit with industry folk.
7. likes to have fun.
8. can handle a 16 hour work day on a Saturday.
9. can solve problems independently and quickly.
10. is badass.

How do I apply you ask?
Shoot an email to and I will send you an application. Skip the resume crap. I do not want it. The application is fun not stuffy. I want to get a feel for the real you.

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