Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ringin' in a wedding.....

Yes, I have heard that diamonds are a girls best friend. Lord knows I have my fair share but I am all for mixing that up and using other awesome jewelry for wedding and engagement rings. Don't get me wrong I know most and many girls want a big fat rock in the form of a sparkly polished diamond. I am just saying there are many other options out there for those who may enjoy something different.
I spend many hours searching on Esty for cool little things and just collect shots as I go. If you haven't checked out Esty's Wedding section then you must go now. Leave my blog and come back later. It will be much later too by the way, because you will get sucked in and hours will have passed before you realize it. Either way I found all of these cool rings on Etsy and just thought I would share. For those who may want something that isn't your standard wedding set.

I love this band for a guy or a girl. I think it is super cool. I would totally wear it myself.
This little baby is simple and that is why I love it. I adore the hammered look on the ring itself and the small stone gives it a little oomph.

Not sure how to ask him/her to marry you? how about with this cute ring? Which is stackable so girls if you must have that diamond you could always add it to the set.

Loving this inlay.
This ring is by far my favorite. I love the hammered look against a dainty pearl. It is feminine yet strong. LOVE IT.
Sapphires are one of my favorite jems. So it would make sense if I had this ring. What about you? What is your favorite? It does not have to be a diamond to be amazing!

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