Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A few photos of the night... staring Neysa Ruhl

I think I was up until 2:00 AM last night trying to find the perfect photo to fit my mood. I was looking for something that just said "I am so in love with you." You know THE look between two people who are madly in love. Then it dawned on me, Neysa Ruhl, a local photographer here in Cincinnati captures emotion like none other. She gets those shots that are so natural and that really capture the bond between two people who are deeply, madly in love. It is quite impressive. So I typed in her blog and there it was a photo treasure chest. It was hard to choose which ones I would post because they are all so amazing but here they are. You should definitely go check out her blog to really see all of the amazing work that she does. 

I could not even decide with this set. So I just snatched the three I loved most. This couple is so hot plus look at how they gaze at each other. 

Check out how he is looking at her... It says.. "I love you"
These two... well is all I can say is this love was one for the books. I had the pleasure of working with this bride and groom (Jocelyn and Joey) and the wedding pics were so amazing they made me cry all over. Neysa told the story with her photos so perfectly. This one is from their engagement shoot and I love the tenderness here. 

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Jules said...

I love Neysa's work. I featured that second photo as a photo of the day a few weeks ago. I loved that e-pic session.