Friday, February 6, 2009

Wai Ching for Bridal Wear President.

OKAY! So this week has been a bridal show extravaganza. I only attended one the one I thought would be the better of the load. Mainly because as a wedding vendor I want to be in a setting where the brides are having fun, and not being attacked by all the other vendors in the room. Seriously sometimes a bridal show is just down right frightening. That is not to say there are not some amazing vendors working them because there are for sure. I am just not the pushy sales person type so I get concerned when I am approached by them. 
ANY WHO.. my point.. sorry.. okay so I always look forward to the fashion show. I love the energy they give off, the music, the anticipation to see what the next season will bring, the beautiful girlz and boyz! So there I stand, camera in one hand, flip video camera in the other ready for some great things to post in my blog for all you bridez to be. Well to my disappointment.. there was not too much that i was floored over! WHAT!!! i mean come on.. Vera Wang show me something great. I mean surely Vera your not tapped out on the creative level.  I don't know it could have been the producers of the show. I am not going to bash any designer. 
So during my stance of disappointment I decided well the blog must go on and i must find something great. TA DA.. and this is where I hand to you the beautiful Chrissy Wai Ching. 
THANK GAWD! a breathe of fresh, fun, creative energy here. I am in love with her dresses. I am positive that I will be buying one for myself. Of course not a bridal gown but one of the other amazing designs she has created. I am in Luv! Actually the idea of an Un -Wedding sounds like a ton of fun to me because I am loving these dresses so much. Make sure that you go visit her site because I am not giving her enough exposure. She has a TON of awesome things on her site. 

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