Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Those boyz.....

Okay so I am a girl who swoonz at the sight of a well dressed boy. Especially one who will break away from the norm. I have previously posted on how to dress your boy for the wedding. I think that it is such an important topic that I want to post on it all the time. Mainly because it gives me a reason to search the Internet for super cute boyz wearing super amazing  suits and tuxes.(because I LOVE a boy in a suit)
So anyway during my hunt for super hot wedding attire I stumbled across this amazing shop. Of course it is in Portland OR where all the coolness is but still, ideas are ideas and well if you are local to this area then why not take a darn trip! If you are reading my blog then chances are you will LOVE Portland anyway. With that being said, if you go make sure that you go visit Duchess, Clothier of Portland. They are creating some darn fine men's wear as well as some suits for us girlz too. The fabric selection that they have is off the freaking charts when it comes to ridiculously amazing stuff. So if nothing else go check their website. You will love them.

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