Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring 2009 Betsey Johnson Wedding is YUMMMMMYYY!!!!

Betsey Johnson is definitely not known for white. As a matter of fact I have not seen a whole lot of her work in white. That alone made this a wonderful surprise. Getting to see her Spring 09 line from N.Y. Fashion Week exploding with some amazing wedding attire made my eyes happy.
Betsey Johnson is not one who follows the said trends which is why I love her so. Instead she finds inspiration and runs with it. This seasons line up was inspired by Peter Pan. A total fairy tale. I LOVE IT!
*Note to me brides* If you wear one of these dresses I will rock your wedding like there is no tomorrow. :)))
So with that said scroll on to witness this awesome stuff....

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Dallas Shaw said...

very cool, I'm not usually a huge betsy fan but nice picks