Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lets warm it up a bit

I feel pretty lucky that I am able to do what I love for a career. There are many reasons that I do what I do for my job. One is I love a creative challenge. Two is I love seeing people so overtaken by love. Three is the emotional basket a wedding day holds. WOAH! I mean these people are dealing with every emotion out there in one day. It is soooo intense.  Four is trust. 
I love when a couple comes to me and feels so completely at ease that they can say "here you go, this is what we like, create our dream." That is music to my ears. 
Carey and Ryan came to me with just a few ideas they had and let me run with them. They wanted a destination wedding that was with in the United States. They would have 11 guests, they love good food, and Carey loves green. Most importantly they did NOT want a resort wedding. (Thank goodness we all know how i feel about resort weddings.. ugh) 
So with that bit of info I took to the computer and I whipped up an awesome intimate wedding for this amazing couple. 
I was sooo happy when Carey sent me some photos of their wedding because it was so gorgeous. 
The photographer is Genya from Genya Vue photography and she is awesome. The location for this wedding was Carillon Beach Florida which is just a few miles Panama City. 
Here are a few pics..

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Lisa said...

Nice blog! Love the different styles that are present here. They all look great and can't wait to see some more soon.