Saturday, October 18, 2008

Destination Weddings out the Ying Yang!

Hey all!
So I am back from Jamaica and well rested and regrouped.
I want to talk about Destination Weddings because during my stay in Jamaica for 6 days I witnessed 17 weddings! THAT IS INSANE! 17 weddings all on the same resort all at the same location! To me I was sickened by this mass production of weddings. Mainly because in my opinion no wedding should be like the next but what I saw was 17 weddings with different brides maid dresses. It was horrifying to me as a planner. Where was the creativity?
Okay I am guilty I did the resort destination wedding. BUT mine was not a big production! Yes I wore the dress (what girl doesn't want to wear a wedding dress once), but it was just my husband and I, no bridal party. He still laughs at me to this day because I ran to the gazebo we married in. So I like to run I can't help it I am NOT a slow walker under any circumstances. I do not even think that my legs can do a slow walk. I love running so why not run. It was my wedding. My consultant kept telling me to slow down. I felt like punching her! Hello! I am fine this is my wedding and my job I am capable of doing this myself thank you very much. Mass wedding producer person. ANYWAYS back to my point...
Many couples think that doing a destination wedding is a great way to save money. I would like to make it clear that it is NOT a great way to save money. In the end you wind up spending just as much, if not more on a destination wedding than what you would having a small intimate wedding here at home. Some people just want to have a wedding on the beach or away from home. That is great and a destination wedding is just what you need. If you are on a tight budget and want to save money a destination is not always the way to go. Little things ad up and here are a few to name;
1. Guest gift bags (they came this far to witness your wedding YES you need to give them something)
2. Travel cost (for your dress) Airlines are now charging you for your bags and additional items.
3. Hotel
4. Save the dates

The following items are things you would pay for whether you are here or there:

1. Location (church or beach it is never free)
2. Officiant
3. Marriage licence from the location you are marrying in. (check laws before booking! Some locations outside of the USA require you to be a resident for 60 days!)
4. Hair and Makeup
5. Cake
6. Reception
7. Rental Items. (especially beach weddings, Chairs, aisles and arches do not come on the beach you have to rent them.)
8. Decor
9. Back up plan! It rains often in tropical settings. Are you prepared?
10. Music for ceremony and reception.
11. Photographer
12. Invitations
13. Floral

Those are just to name a few so you get the idea. It is easy to create an amazing intimate wedding at home and still have money for the honeymoon! You have to think outside of the traditional church and reception site for cost saving locations and ideas.

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