Monday, September 8, 2008


Okay lately I have seen a number of clients come in and say "we have no budget" OKAY... so that means in my opinion we are creating a Donald Trump affair than right? Not really what they had in mind..
Everyone and I mean everyone has a top line. The max they want to spend. I understand that many clients come in and they just do not know. They have no idea what flowers cost or Dj's or invitations so it is hard to set a dollar amount to something you just do not know.
Let me start by saying the average wedding cost is $25,000 for this area. (Cincinnati) now that is a pretty nice wedding with all the basics covered. Can you go lower? Absolutely. You just need to know what and where you can cut back. The guest list is a HUGE area to start cutting. You can knock a good $2000.00 off just dinner by cutting out 50 guests. Not to mention the bar cost.
So my point here is please check you finances and start with a budget. This is the order you should start your planning in.. Set a date, set a budget, than set a guest count.
I am adding a link to a GREAT budget worksheet. One of my favorites and I actually even use this one myself. It helps me get an idea of what my clients want, and how to finagle their money around to make it happen.

To see and use this budget click here!

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