Saturday, August 9, 2008


I love nothing more than either square or rectangle tables for wedding receptions. I know many people immediately think VFW hall but that is so not the case. When I get a bride who says she wants something different I immediately think long tables. (budget allowing) A long table that has been properly "tablescaped" is absolutely gorgeous. Linens and chairs also make or break the look. I currently have a bride who is so cute and she is having a small destination wedding of only 12 guests. So to create a feeling of comfort we are taking three 6 foot tables to make a square and sitting everyone including the bride and groom together. I can not tell about the centerpieces because they are soooo amazing that I want to cry that I will not be there to see it but luckily the photographer will show me the masterpiece. Usually I am not a floral designer but in this case where the budget is not being broke and i have such a vision for this couple I totally got her and know this will be the look she will love! She loves a clean fresh look so we will be doing white linens on the square table for 12. We will also be doing white Chiavari chairs with a white cushion. Her colors are a pale green and pale pink with some dark ivory almost champagne. There will be place cards that will be hand written in calligraphy and tied to a starfish that will sit on the table along with the napkin (color undecided) with the menu card. WE have yet to decide on the charger plates but I am guessing a white maybe square plate. That is where I am on my destination wedding. You all will love this wedding once we get it together and completed. I can not wait for the photos and the wedding has not even happened yet! haha!

But that brings me to the part where I want to stress that finding a coordinator that really gets you and your ideas is sooooo very important. Because a good coordinator will be able to take your ideas and mesh them into something gorgeous.

So here are some amazing long tables as I call them but they are just beautiful.

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